Update #1

Thanks for joining us! Our group, Eagle Health, is focused on providing greater access to health and nutritional information to the students of Bridgewater College. We plan on doing this through a website that we have created, which contains, among other things, the KCC menu and a master calendar of health-related events that are taking place on campus. During our pitch, we asked for $200 in funding for the purchase of a website domain and fliers to advertise our first event and website. We received the full amount of funding that we asked for and have already purchased our WeeblyPro domain. One of the suggestions that we were given during our pitch was that we remove our planned section of psychological health, with which we planned on including mental health facts, which we realized could be detrimental rather than helpful if our facts were incorrect. Another recommendation that we incorporated into our current website is the idea of having facts on the health benefits of sleeping a healthy amount. Since the pitch meeting, we have been working hard trying to get our website ready for its official launch by the middle of February so that we can begin advertising for our event. Many of the individual elements of the website are beginning to come together to form a coherent, whole website. At this moment, the biggest obstacle that our group is facing is finding a time that everyone can meet at. At this time, several of our group members either play a sport, have an off-campus job, or are involved in the leadership of clubs and organizations at Bridgwater.