Update #1

Thanks for joining us! Our group, Eagle Health, is focused on providing greater access to health and nutritional information to the students of Bridgewater College. We plan on doing this through a website that we have created, which contains, among other things, the KCC menu and a master calendar of health-related events that are taking place on campus. During our pitch, we asked for $200 in funding for the purchase of a website domain and fliers to advertise our first event and website. We received the full amount of funding that we asked for and have already purchased our WeeblyPro domain. One of the suggestions that we were given during our pitch was that we remove our planned section of psychological health, with which we planned on including mental health facts, which we realized could be detrimental rather than helpful if our facts were incorrect. Another recommendation that we incorporated into our current website is the idea of having facts on the health benefits of sleeping a healthy amount. Since the pitch meeting, we have been working hard trying to get our website ready for its official launch by the middle of February so that we can begin advertising for our event. Many of the individual elements of the website are beginning to come together to form a coherent, whole website. At this moment, the biggest obstacle that our group is facing is finding a time that everyone can meet at. At this time, several of our group members either play a sport, have an off-campus job, or are involved in the leadership of clubs and organizations at Bridgwater.

Update #2

We have officially made a website, and meet once a week to discuss what we contributed since the last meeting, as well as what we hope to accomplish by the next meeting. As a group, we collaboratively decided to split the different pages amongst us equally, so we could all have one main focus to increase efficiency. We ran into multiple problems involving our exercise page, as we were unable to host our yoga sessions as we had previously planned due to time issues. The page distribution is as follows:

  • Home page: Matthew Williams
  • Exercise Page: Lauren Witmer
  • Wellness Page: David Sullivan & Jessica Touve
  • Campus Calendar: Abigail Crawford
  • Events Page: Tyler Lynn

Update #3

We hit a road bump: as a group, we were unable to agree on what information should be on each page, even though we were all working on separate pages of the website. Right now, with all of the extra responsibilities that Lauren has with being the team leader (and 18 credits), she has had some trouble keeping the exercise page updated, so everyone has made an effort to help her. A big problem that we are still having is that it is still hard, if not harder than it was at the beginning of the year, to find time when everyone can meet because we are all extremely busy with our schedules.

Update #4

This is our last update before the reveal! Unfortunately, the dodgeball event we were hoping to carry out was unsuccessful due to the fact we couldn’t find a room to hold the event in the Funkhouser Center since intramural sports are at their peak and this is a very busy semester for the majority of our group. Each of us are taking 17-21 credits and it has been a struggle to keep up, but we are pushing through. This is the final stretch and we have finally finished what we think is a pretty spectacular website. During the dinner with past judges, we were able to gain valuable information on what to include on our website and for the reveal. We had talked about finding a sponsor, but as freshmen, we don’t know many professors, let alone professors that have time to help us. We posted flyers around campus, encouraging people to take our poll located on our website about how active they are on campus and their knowledge of healthy options at the KCC. So far, we have received some very interesting results and suggestions including adding a list of healthy snacks to keep in the dorm, adding a place where students can sign up to go workout together, and also adding links to different yoga and other exercise websites/videos. All of these suggestions were considered and we even ended up adding many of the students suggestions to our webpage. The poll so far has ~70 responses, and we plan to have more by the time of the reveal! For now, here are samples of the results so far:

Data Is From 68 Entries

Click here to get a sneak peek at our website: eaglehealthbc2022.weebly.com

As we talked to students around campus, we saw a real problem with the lack of knowledge they had on healthy living. While working on combating that problem, each member of our team decided to focus on a different part of the project. Our contributions are described in this video.